Wisconsin Science Festival to celebrate scientific discovery, community

Thousands of visitors, young and old, will have the chance to indulge their “inner scientist” during the 2014 Wisconsin Science Festival, with more than 20 communities statewide joining Madison in the event. Now in its fourth year, the festival will be held from Oct. 16-19.full article>

UW-Madison celebrates awards in the arts, announces Arts Institute reorganization

University of Wisconsin-Madison students performing spoken word, dance and drumming brought audience members to their feet at a surprise live performance during UW-Madison’s annual Arts Awards reception.full article>

WARF holds Discovery Challenge spring event

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is holding the third annual Discovery Challenge, a research competition for UW-Madison graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from all departments and fields of study. full article>

The world of networked objects explored

All of us are used to our Internet tethers. Increasingly, however, the inanimate objects we encounter in our daily existence are both smart and wired, and they portend the future. full article>

Urban dance festival breaks down barriers

The largest international break dancing event in the Midwest, "Breakin' The Law: International Festival of Urban Movement," will be held in Madison from Wednesday, April 30 through Sunday, May 4. full article>

UW expands effort to serve advanced computing needs in research

If you’re conducting quantitative research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, regardless of discipline, chances are there is a “next level” of discovery that could be unlocked through advanced computing.full article>

Science Expeditions event opens doors to UW-Madison research

Science Expeditions, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's 12th annual science open house, is as big as ever, and awaiting thousands of curious visitors April 4-6. full article>

New Milky Way portrait to be on Town Center media wall

The dramatic new infrared picture of the plane of our galaxy will be viewable for the next week on the large media wall in the Town Center of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on the UW-Madison campus.full article>

For athletes, Beyond the Game opens doors to science

Badger football player Melvin Gordon knows something about testing the laws of physics. On a football Saturday, Gordon, a star running back, can be seen squeezing through an impossibly small hole for a first down, or launching himself into the end zone with a gravity-defying leap.full article>

Startup fair showcases young, hungry companies

Students eager to plunge into the startup culture got a chance to meet early-stage firms trolling for talent at the 2014 Madison Startup Fair, held Wednesday afternoon at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.full article>