UW expands effort to serve advanced computing needs in research

If you’re conducting quantitative research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, regardless of discipline, chances are there is a “next level” of discovery that could be unlocked through advanced computing.full article>

Science Expeditions event opens doors to UW-Madison research

Science Expeditions, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's 12th annual science open house, is as big as ever, and awaiting thousands of curious visitors April 4-6. full article>

New Milky Way portrait to be on Town Center media wall

The dramatic new infrared picture of the plane of our galaxy will be viewable for the next week on the large media wall in the Town Center of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on the UW-Madison campus.full article>

For athletes, Beyond the Game opens doors to science

Badger football player Melvin Gordon knows something about testing the laws of physics. On a football Saturday, Gordon, a star running back, can be seen squeezing through an impossibly small hole for a first down, or launching himself into the end zone with a gravity-defying leap.full article>

Startup fair showcases young, hungry companies

Students eager to plunge into the startup culture got a chance to meet early-stage firms trolling for talent at the 2014 Madison Startup Fair, held Wednesday afternoon at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.full article>

Alumni celebrate 165 years of UW excellence with Founders’ Day

February 5, 1849: Twenty young men gather in a small brick building near the State Capitol for the University of Wisconsin's inaugural class.full article>

National, shared software assurance facility, ‘SWAMP,’ launches

Cybercrime is a booming, estimated $100 billion industry in the United States and shows no signs of slowing down. full article>

Cadwallader to step down from top UW-Madison research post

After an almost 13-year stint leading the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s vast research and graduate education enterprise, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School Martin Cadwallader announced today he is stepping down from the post to return to the faculty.full article>

Hi-def group videoconferencing offered on campus

If you need to meet with people located beyond Madison – or even within it – but can’t get everyone in the same room, a convenient service on campus may help.full article>

Students showcase wearable computing projects, design thinking

Imagine gloves that transmit data from your phone, keeping your hands free. Or a running jacket that monitors your heart rate and lets you know when you’re being followed. What if a garment could respond to its environment?full article>