What is the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery?

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is a visionary public-private partnership that has taken shape as an innovative building housing two world-class biomedical research institutes and a public space for campus and community members to gather and celebrate science.

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a private, nonprofit interdisciplinary biomedical research organization dedicated to the vision of solving major challenges to human health.

The public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is part of UW–Madison and organized under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education to advance interdisciplinary research and collaboration among faculty, staff and students in biomedical and other fields.

The Town Center, which encompasses the main floor of the facility, is designed to further inspire collaboration, create connections and serve as a hub of activities for campus and the community including students, teachers, members of the business community, cultural organizations and learners of all ages. Visitors will find ample opportunity for hands-on learning as they explore the discovery niches, teaching labs and interactive displays. Regularly scheduled events are suited to all ages and include Saturday science activities, science cafes, presentations, performances and more. More structured outreach programs and workshops offer participants the opportunity to connect with a broad range of scientific topics ranging from regenerative biology to rapid prototyping. And casual visitors are always invited to dine at the Town Center’s food venues, which feature regionally grown and freshly prepared foods.

Visitor Policy

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This policy pertains to all visitors of the Discovery Building research space or non-public areas; during regular business hours and for regular business operations.