Guiding Principles


The Morgridge Institute for Research:

  • is committed to answering high impact biomedical questions through interdisciplinary basic and translational research.


  • serves as a collaborative hub that leverages its scientific, computational and engineering strengths with those of the UW–Madison community to foster a vibrant, cohesive and cooperative climate
    • within the Morgridge Institute for Research.
    • between the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.
    • between the Morgridge Institute for Research and UW–Madison.
    • with relevant industry and other extramural partners.


  • uses its private institute status to be able to respond quickly and effectively to emerging opportunities.


  • recognizes that innovation with the potential for high rewards often requires high risk.


  • promotes education and public understanding of biomedical research.


  • enriches programming in the Town Center and teaching labs, thereby contributing to the dynamic environment at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.


  • strives to enrich the intellectual and research environment of the UW–Madison community.


  • adheres to excellence and high ethical standards in the conduct of research and other activities.


  • demonstrates responsible stewardship and participate in activities that generate support through extramural grants, philanthropy, partnerships and the development of intellectual property.


  • promotes the Wisconsin Idea and strengthens the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation at UW–Madison and the broader biomedical community.