The Morgridge Institute for Research is led by chief executive officer Dr. Brad Schwartz. The nonprofit organization is governed by a board of trustees as a private, independent, 501(c)3 Medical Research Organization. The leadership of the institute is committed to strategic alliances with the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and UW–Madison.

Schwartz works closely with the Morgridge Institute scientific team to set the broad research agenda for the institute. In February 2008, the Morgridge Institute appointed stem cell pioneer Dr. James Thomson as the first member of its multidisciplinary leadership team. He serves as director of regenerative biology and a principal scientist. Additional scientific leaders include Paul Ahlquist for virology, Thomas “Rock” Mackie for medical devices, Miron Livny for core computational technology and Pilar Ossorio for bioethics.

The chief executive officer of the Morgridge Institute also works closely with the executive leadership of the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery to develop and evaluate joint efforts in research, education and outreach to the community.

A scientific advisory board composed of members from UW–Madison’s scientific community and other leading research institutions regularly reviews the broad scientific agenda of the institute to provide an external perspective.

Morgridge Scientific Leadership Team

Morgridge Scientific Leadership Team

Seated from left: T. Rock Mackie, James Dahlberg Standing from left:  Miron Livny, Paul Ahlquist, James Thomson