Mission and Vision Statements



Our mission is to improve human health by conducting, enabling and translating innovative, interdisciplinary biomedical research in partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Madison and others, by leveraging our collective strength in research and education.


Our vision is to solve major challenges to human health by serving as an interdisciplinary research center and a collaborative hub that enables investigators to address and answer fundamental biomedical questions.

We envision using our private status and streamlined organizational  structure to respond nimbly to emerging opportunities.   In partnership with an outstanding public research university we will synergistically enhance our collective strengths.

Through community engagement we will promote better understanding of the health benefits of biomedical research.

Morgridge Scientific Leadership Team

Morgridge Scientific Leadership Team

Seated from left: T. Rock Mackie, James Dahlberg Standing from left:  Miron Livny, Paul Ahlquist, James Thomson