Morgridge Institute for Research Staff

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a private, not-for-profit medical research organization, affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, led by a private board of directors.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Brad Schwartz; Chief Executive Officer
James Dahlberg
; Associate Executive Director
Kathi Stanek; Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Sandra Brekke; Executive Assistant
Jan Patrick; Administrative Assistant


Jean Anderson; Senior Research Analyst


Pilar N. Ossorio; Bioethics Scholar-in-Residence
Melissa Hatch; Bioethics Fellow
Yao Zhou; Program Assistant


Brian Mattmiller; Communications Manager

Core Computational Technology and IT

Miron Livny; Director, Core Computational Technology
Rosemary Berger; Optimizational Support Specialist
Derek Cooper
; IT Technical Manager
Benjamin Huebner; Infrastructure Support Specialist
Andrew Maier; Help Desk Specialist
Alan Ruby; Audiovisual Support Specialist

Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP)

Kevin Alford; Systems Web Developer
Patrick Beyer; Project Manager
Dave Boulineau
; Build and Test Workflow Developer
Dan Creed; Infrastructure Manager
Erik Dunning; Systems Web Developer
Darrell Dwelley; Software Assurance Analyst
Jeffrey Gardner; Systems Administrator
Joseph Johnson; Build and Test Workflow Developer
Irene Landrum; Outreach Coordinator
Joe Li; Software Architect
Abe Megahed; Web Developer
Allyson Miller; Adminstrative Assistant
Jeff Peterson; Systems Administrator
Peter Schell; Database Developer
Yasodhara Siddineni; Test and Development Software Engineer
Mark Stokosa; Systems Administrator

Finance and Administration

Sarah Joelson; Assistant Controller
James Lester; Financial Analyst & Systems Manager
Paul Myers; Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

General Science

Barbara Bates; Research Specialist
Kraig Kumfer Postdoc - Research Associate

Medical Devices

Thomas "Rock" Mackie; Director, Medical Devices
Benjamin Cox; Assistant Engineer
Cheryl Gain; Manager of Consortiums
George Petry; Advanced Prototyping Project Manager
Robert Swader; Mechanical Engineer
Andreas Velten; Postdoc - Research Associate

Outreach Experiences

Valerie Blair; Education and Outreach Manager
Wes Marner; Lab & Outreach Coordinator
Dan Murphy; Outreach Coordinator
Debora Treu; Education Liaison

Regenerative Biology

James Thomson; Director, Regenerative Biology
Jessica Antosiewicz-Bourget; Associate Director - Regenerative Biology, Lab Operations
Ron Stewart; Associate Director - Regenerative Biology, Bioinformatics
Yongsheng Bai; Computational Biologist
Christopher Barry; Assistant Scientist
Jennifer Bolin; Project Manager - DNA Sequencing
Li-Fang Chu; Postdoc - Research Associate
Michael Collins; Systems Administrator
Bret Duffin; Assistant Research Specialist
Angela Elwell; Senior Research Specialist
Zhonggang Hou; Assistant Scientist
Sara Howden; Assistant Scientist
Peng Jiang; Computational Biologist
Brian McIntosh; Assistant Scientist
Jeff Nelson; Postdoc - Research Associate
Bao Kim Nguyen; Research Specialist
Mitchell Probasco; Project Manager - Purification Technologies
Nick Propson; Research Specialist
Srikumar Sengupta; Assistant Scientist
Christina Shafer; Bioformatics Trainer/Analyst
Scott Swanson; Computational Biologist
Vernella Vickerman Kelley; Postdoc - Research Associate
Jiuchun (Jill) Zhang; Assistant Scientist
Jue Zhang, Assistant Scientist

Sponsored Programs Administration

Jennifer Booth; Sponsored Programs Administrator
Rebecca Reid; Grant Accountant


Paul Ahlquist; Director, Virology
James Bruce; Associate Scientist
Johan den Boon; Associate Scientist
Mark Horswill; Senior Research Specialist
Masaki Nishikiori;  Postdoc - Research Associate
Ginger Pocock; Postdoc - Research Associate
Ming Yuan; Senior Investigator