About Morgridge Outreach Experiences

Morgridge Outreach Experiences offers a variety of programs and resources dedicated to promoting education and discovery in the scientific areas of regenerative medicine, virology and medical devices. We hope to make the science taking place at the Morgridge Institute for Research accessible, exciting and relevant to students of all ages and from all walks of life.

We have developed hands-on workshops and frequently host middle school and high school classes as well as other organizations that wish to learn more about the cutting-edge science of stem cells. In addition to these workshops, our team has developed an array of teaching resources to help educators integrate the above-mentioned topics into their curriculum.

Our programs foster many meaningful interactions between the scientific community and K-12 students, educators and the general public. We routinely participate in a variety of public science education programs including Science Expeditions and Grandparents University.  Through these events, as well as our own programs, we have developed partnerships with a number of organizations at UW–Madison, including BioTrek, Science Alliance, the University of Wisconsin Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center and the Wisconsin Alumni Association. We also collaborate with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and school districts throughout the state, including the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Each year, the Morgridge Outreach Experiences team hosts high school students and teachers from rural Wisconsin for our Summer Science Camp. This program provides school districts with limited resources the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the cutting-edge field of stem cells.  In 2010, the Morgridge Institute hosted middle school students from the Ron Clark Academy of Atlanta, Ga., and the University of Wisconsin PEOPLE Program for the first-ever Generation Acceleration: Future Scientists’ Stem Cell Camp. Similar to Summer Science Camp, the Generation Acceleration event provided students with hands-on exposure to the field of stem cells and encouraged participants to consider careers in science.

The Morgridge Outreach Experiences team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the Morgridge Institute for Research, combining research and technical skills with a passion for science education. The team also is committed to developing science outreach programs that provide an exciting environment for conversation, learning and discovery.

For more information on Morgridge Outreach Experiences, please contact us by email at: outreach@morgridgeinstitute.org.