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Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring curiosity, imparting knowledge and encouraging creativity in the minds of tomorrow’s scientists.

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For more information email us at: outreach@morgridgeinstitute.org.

About Morgridge Outreach Experiences

Watch researchers share their love of science with students at the Morgridge Outreach Experience.

Engaging the Next Generation

The Generation Acceleration camps are inspiring a new generation of scientists. Watch students from the Ron Clark Academy work alongside peers from UW-Madison's People Program.

Cutting Edge Camp

This video depicts the experiences of rural Wisconsin high school students who attended the Summer Science Camp. This camp is a hands-on stem cell experience designed to encourage and empower rural high school students by exposing them to the cutting-edge science of stem cells.

All Around Athlete

This educational video about stem cells was created by the outreach team for WiCell Research Institute in partnership with the UW-Madison Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center. WiCell is WARF and Morgridge affiliate academic institute dedicated to advancing the science of stem cells through basic research; creation and distribution of stem cell lines and providing training to scientists worldwide.

Morgridge Institute's Summer Science Camp, July 2011

Twenty top science students from rural Wisconsin high schools earned the opportunity to hone their laboratory skills and work alongside top researchers from the University of Wisconsin–Madison at the 2011 stem cell science camp. Hosted by the Morgridge Institute for Research, the four-day camp covered a variety of hands-on activities, including nourishing and dividing colonies of stem cells and learning how the cells can be directed to grow into heart, nerve and other specialized cells.

News and Features

October 24-26, 2011

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students Discover Stem Cells with the MOE Team

The MOE team hosted 150 students and teachers from Cushing Elementary School in Delafield, WI at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery over three days to learn about stem cells. After a scientific presentation by Dr. Rupa Shevde, students were able to participate in a skit entitled “How to Make a Stem Cell Happy”. They also had the opportunity to observe stem cells under the microscope and learn a few scientific techniques. At the end of the session, the students used their newly gained knowledge to play review games on the SMART Board. Students were happy to take home educational materials and stickers related to stem cell science.

Pictured to the right, MOE team member, Travis Cordie, helps the little scientists don personal protective equipment in the skit “How to Make a Stem Cell Happy.” 

August 2, 2011

The MOE Team Collaborates with the PEOPLE Program to Bring Science Careers in Focus for Students

Morgridge Outreach Experiences continues their relationship with the University of Wisconsin PEOPLE Program as twelve students from area high schools joined the MOE team on August 1-2. On the first day, students had the opportunity to meet with Wisconsin Institute for Discovery researchers Patricia Flatley Brennan (Director, Living Environments Laboratory) and  Miron Livny (Director, Core Computational Technology) to learn about their scientific areas. Kevin Eliceiri (Director, Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation, College of Engineering) introduced students to the fascinating world of fluorescent microscopy and 3-D printing technology. Nathan Patterson and Michael Beall (Education Research) offered the students an opportunity to engage in the team's first digital learning game, “Virulent.” The students also participated in a presentation and discussion about the importance of a college degree and its relationship to success in life. Maureen Miner from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation made a compelling case for the importance of college education through her presentation complete with case studies and statistics. On the second day, students were able to get a taste of life in a stem cell laboratory as they learned how to passage and maintain stem cells in a sterile environment. The laboratory activities and other sessions were designed to encourage students to attend college and expose them to a variety of science careers.

Pictured to the right, students from the Careers Camp learn about microscopy from Kevin Eliceiri.

July 27, 2011

The MOE Team Hosts Students from China

Eighteen students participating in the Global Wisconsin Idea Program joined the MOE team to learn more about the science of stem cells during a hands-on workshop hosted at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The stem cell workshop included an overview of research in the field and provided an opportunity for the students to work with stem cells using laboratory techniques used in stem cell culture. The Global Wisconsin Idea Program is a cross-campus collaborative effort developed by the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth, part of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and UW–Madison’s Division of International Studies. The students were joined by Xu Xiaozhou, dean of the School of Education, Zhejiang University, China.

For more information, please see the details by Jennifer Sereno here: http://discovery.wisc.edu/story.cmsx?sid=19598

Pictured to the right, students from China learn how to remove differentiated cells from human pluripotent stem cell cultures with MOE team member Robin Schroll.

July 22, 2011

Grandparents and Grandchildren Learn about Stem Cells at This Year's Grandparents University

Grandparents and grandchildren brought a burst of energy to the UW–Madison campus in July, as a record number of students young and old packed university classrooms and labs ready to learn at the 11th annual Grandparents University®. The MOE team hosted a two-day session in which live stem cells were introduced into the teaching labs at the Discovery building. Students were immersed in a laboratory experience as they learned how to pipet, passage, differentiate and count cells, as well as learn about culture medium and the cryopreservation process. After a final exam trivia game, participants left feeling like they were real scientists!

July 14, 2011

Rural Wisconsin Students Flourish at MOE’s Summer Science Camp

This year 20 students and five teachers from seven rural Wisconsin high schools met on the UW–Madison campus to learn about and experience the field of stem cells. 2011 marked the fifth year of Summer Science Camp. The camp is aimed at empowering students to pursue academic achievement and consider careers in science through hands-on activities. 

Students and teachers participating in this year’s summer science camp were from: Crandon High School, Edgar High School, Mukwonago High School, Rhinelander High School, Ripon High School, Wabeno High School, and Winneconne High School. The four-day program, developed in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, provides an enrichment experience in an advanced scientific discipline while establishing long-term relationships with high school science teachers.

In addition to science, students also got a taste of campus life. After listening to lectures and participating in labs led by top UW–Madison stem cell researchers, students participated in UW–themed evening activities, complete with a Babcock Hall Ice Cream Social, visit from Bucky Badger and behind-the-scenes tour of the Kohl Center.

June 27, 2011

Morgridge Outreach Experiences Partners with the University of Wisconsin PEOPLE Program

Morgridge Outreach Experiences continues their relationship with the University of Wisconsin PEOPLE Program as students from the Girls in STEM program joined the MOE team on June 27. 11 middle school students and four teachers spent their morning learning about the maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells through a lecture and hands-on lab activities. The students removed differentiated cells from stem cell cultures as well as passaged cells in the lab.

Pictured to the right, Travis Cordie, Morgridge Outreach Experiences team member, helps a student from the Girls in STEM program passage human pluripotent stem cells.

Click here to see our previous partnership with the University of Wisconsin PEOPLE Program: Generation Acceleration


June 7, 2011

Stem Cells 101 at UW-Extension’s College Days

Morgridge Outreach Experiences hosted 20 life-long learners at the 2011 College Days program hosted by UW–Extension. College Days is an annual event held on the UW–Madison campus that brings participants from across the state for three days of lectures, tours and activities. The students engaged in a lecture about human pluripotent stem cells with Dr. Shevde before observing key laboratory techniques in the teaching lab.

Pictured on right, College Days participants stand with Morgridge Outreach Experiences team member Travis Cordie in the teaching lab.


May 19, 2011

Stem Cells 101 at the 2011 National Science Olympiad Tournament

The 2011 Science Olympiad National Tournament was hosted on May 19-21, 2011, by the University of Wisconsin–Madison. An after-school team activity, Science Olympiad is one of the nation's most prestigious and rigorous competitions of science, technology, engineering and math. The national tournament in Wisconsin drew 3,000 students on 120 winning middle- and high-school teams from 47 U.S. states. The Morgridge Outreach Experiences team held two sessions for 28 students from 11 states. In a lecture, students learned about the characteristics of human pluripotent stem cells, their role in science and their contributions to human health. They also had the opportunity to work closely with scientists, learning how to carry out two routine laboratory activities involving the passaging and maintenance of stem cells.

Pictured on the top right, a student from North Dakota learns to remove differentiated cells from human pluripotent cell cultures.

Pictured on the bottom right, Robin Schroll, Morgridge Outreach Experiences team member, explains how stem cell cultures are maintained to students from North Dakota and Massachusetts.