Bioethics at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Bioethics operates at the intersection of life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, politics, law and philosophy.

The Morgridge Institute for Research created a Bioethics Program with the goals of promoting a culture of responsible science and developing an integrated on-site resource for researchers to help them explore emerging ethical issues related to their work. Pilar Ossorio, professor of law and bioethics at UW–Madison, was selected as the inaugural Bioethics Scholar-in-Residence. 

Ethics@Discovery aims to:

  • provide a resource for scientists at Discovery and across UW–Madison to help them address ethical issues;
  • conduct groundbreaking bioethics research, and provide bioethics research expertise for large, interdisciplinary projects and research centers at UW–Madison;
  • promote a cross-campus interdisciplinary research community;
  • promote a culture of responsible science at Discovery and UW–Madison; and
  • engage the public, policy makers, educators, students and journalists in understanding the real world implications of the research conducted at the institutes and the campus.

Researchers may contact the Bioethics Program at any time to discuss ethical issues or schedule a time to meet. Pilar Ossorio is located on the third floor of Discovery; she can be reached at 608.316.4650 or 608.263.4387.

Pilar Ossorio, Bioethics Scholar-in-Residence
Pilar Ossorio, Bioethics Scholar-in-Residence

Benchside Ethics Consult Service for the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and UW–Madison

To request a consultation, contact Pilar Ossorio (608.316.4650, or Norman Fost (608.263.8562,