Research Challenge Areas

Researchers at the Morgridge Institute work to accelerate the discovery and delivery of scientific breakthroughs to improve human health and well-being. 

Morgridge Institute Chief Executive Officer Dr. Brad Schwartz and his team of affiliated scientists focus on several specific research and program areas with exceptional potential to advance basic science while addressing some of the world’s most devastating diseases and societal challenges. The research and program areas are: 

The discovery platform builds on key research strengths of the University of Wisconsin–Madison and supports opportunities for groundbreaking interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. James Thomson’s established regenerative biology team, on board as part of the Morgridge Institute’s inaugural research area since 2008, continues its cutting-edge work in human stem cell science to improve understanding of cellular fate and achieve the promise of regenerative medicine. 

Additional scientific leaders include Paul Ahlquist for virology, Miron Livny for core computational technology, Thomas “Rock” Mackie for medical devices and Pilar Ossorio for bioethics.

Morgridge Scientific Leadership Team

Morgridge Scientific Leadership Team

Seated from left: T. Rock Mackie, James Dahlberg Standing from left:  Miron Livny, Paul Ahlquist, James Thomson

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