H.F. DeLuca Forum

With retractable circular walls that can disappear into the ceiling, the H.F. DeLuca Forum is intended as a multi-use central space that draws people in to participate. Depending on the floor plan and seating configuration, the forum can accommodate up to 300 people. When the walls are not in use, additional open space on the first floor can combine with the forum to handle a larger group.

Intended events include:

  • Conferences and lectures;
  • Joint laboratory or theme meetings bringing multiple laboratories together;
  • Exhibits and poster sessions;
  • Performances (theater, dance, music); and
  • Gala dinners and receptions.

Professor H.F. DeLuca

The H.F. DeLuca Forum is named for UW–Madison biochemistry professor Hector DeLuca, the world’s foremost vitamin D researcher. His discoveries have helped explain the roles of vitamins A and D and have led to treatments for devastating disorders like bone disease and kidney failure. In addition to his work at UW–Madison, DeLuca serves as the CEO and president of Deltanoid Pharmaceuticals, a company he co-founded in 2001 to focus on early stage development of therapies derived from vitamin D-based compounds.
DeLuca began his career in 1951 under the tutelage of legendary biochemist and WARF founder Harry Steenbock. For more than 60 years, he has continued the pioneering vitamin D work of his mentor, often taking it to new levels. WARF has filed more than 1,500 patents on his technologies, which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of support for research at UW–Madison.
Lecture Setup
Banquet Setup

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