Town Center Room Capacities and Fees

The Main Floor Offers Distinct Spaces to Meet Different Needs:

With 40,000 square feet available, the main floor of the Discovery Building can accommodate more than 1,200 guests. Known as the Town Center, the space may be divided to welcome groups of various sizes, as shown in the floor plan.

To begin planning your event at the Town Center, complete our application form or contact an event coordinator for more details.

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Standard Room Rental Fees Include:

  1. Standard furniture, which may include tables, chairs, lectern and basic cleaning after the event for a standard room setup.
    - Forum: Tables (66), chairs (200), lectern with microphone, projector and screen
    - Board room and most conference rooms: Table, chairs and built in AV
    - Atria spaces: Furniture varies by space; please contact an event coordinator for details.
  2. Basic AV items. Most rooms include a built-in AV system, which includes basic lighting and sound (varies by room), projector, CD/DVD and Internet (podium, microphone, sound if available). Additional AV fees may apply to special requests. To ensure AV support, AV items must still be requested five days in advance. All requests received the day of the event will incur a $25 late request fee, if we are able to accommodate the request.

Special Service Charges:

  1. Event sponsor(s) are responsible for all costs of any required services. These may include, but are not limited to, non-standard room setups, special maintenance requirements, substantial removal of furniture, exhibit booths, special lighting, security personnel, theater technical and non-technical personnel, and AV tech staff (beyond standard services described above). Where possible, the director or designee will determine which arrangements will be defined as "special." Where possible, charges will be determined in advance and included in the rental/service contract (see fee schedule). Fees will be assessed for special services provided by the Town Center, whether requested or necessitated.
  2. The Town Center reserves the right to require the sponsoring organization to engage additional event staff and/or University Police Department staff at prevailing rates to provide services such as crowd control, safety compliance, food service and facilities management, cleanup and repair resulting from misuse of facilities.
  3. Event sponsors will be responsible for building fees charged for special requests for room use beyond the normal daytime business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.
  4. No carry-in foods or beverages are allowed in the Town Center.
  5. Saturday events concluding after 5 p.m. are subject to a $450 cleaning fee.