Discovery Niche

Interactive research exhibit

The Discovery niche features a rotating scientific exhibit set in the Town Center to not only entice the casual visitor, but also to serve as a destination for planned events, such as Noon @ the Niche. With new exhibits every few months, the niche highlights research from UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. Faculty, students and private sector collaborators are encouraged to email to submit ideas for this innovative niche.

Current Exhibit

DNA, RNA & Proteins

Many people know that DNA is the substance that makes up an organism's genetic code, but how is that code actually used by the cell?

For the remainder of 2014, the Discovery niche will feature information on the "central dogma of biology" — the process by which DNA is used to guide formation of the RNA and proteins that do much of the biochemical work of life.

At the current display, you can see videos of protein production in the cell, build models of RNA and discover how we can use the genome to learn about how cells work.