Discovery Niche

Interactive research exhibit

The Discovery niche features a rotating scientific exhibit set in the Town Center to not only entice the casual visitor, but also to serve as a destination for planned events, such as Noon @ the Niche. With new exhibits every few months, the niche highlights research from UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. Faculty, students and private sector collaborators are encouraged to email to submit ideas for this innovative niche.

Current Exhibit

Limnology: The Yahara Watershed

The niche features work by Yahara 2070, which explores the future of the ecosystems and human communities in the Yahara river watershed. It was developed by the Water Sustainability and Climate Project at UW–Madison to better understand the long-term impacts of social and environmental change in the region.

Yahara 2070 consists of a set of four scenarios about the Yahara watershed in the year 2070. The scenarios were constructed with scientific knowledge, public participation, computer models, stories and art. Each explores a different way the region could respond to freshwater challenges and the consequences for communities and ecosystems.

Through Yahara 2070, the project team hopes to encourage creative thinking and discussion about the region’s long-term future. The scenarios provide a tangible way to think about possible change and could help Yahara's communities work toward a possible and desirable future.