Discovery Niche

Interactive research exhibit

The Discovery niche features a rotating scientific exhibit set in the Town Center to not only entice the casual visitor, but also to serve as a destination for planned events, such as Noon @ the Niche. With new exhibits every few months, the niche highlights research from UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. Faculty, students and private sector collaborators are encouraged to email to submit ideas for this innovative niche.
Wednesday, September 16 | Noon – 1 p.m.

Discover how we can induce the immune system to fight tumors! On September 16, bring your lunch to the niche to hear Paul Sondel, professor in the School of Medicine and Public Health, discuss how tumor specific antibodies can bind to cancer cells and direct their destruction by immune cells. Sondel’s lab is pursuing basic, preclinical and clinical mechanisms of using the immune system to destroy tumors.

Current Exhibit


Many areas of cancer research are translating into promising clinical progress. Explore how researchers are creating novel immune-based therapies for treating cancer. This exhibit features the exciting research conducted by Dr. Paul Sondel, Dr. Christian Capitini and their lab groups.