Discovery Niche

Interactive research exhibit

The Discovery niche features a rotating scientific exhibit set in the Town Center to not only entice the casual visitor, but also to serve as a destination for planned events, such as Noon @ the Niche. With new exhibits every few months, the niche highlights research from UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. Faculty, students and private sector collaborators are encouraged to email to submit ideas for this innovative niche.

Current Exhibit

Enabling Technologies: Facilitating Campus Research

The many shared instrumentation facilities across UW–Madison enable researchers to advance human knowledge. These facilities acquire, maintain and manage advanced equipment that is either too costly or too time-consuming for an individual lab to maintain. With capabilities ranging from microscopy and imaging to spectroscopy and fabrication, the campus’s core labs are a key component of many researchers’ work.

Over the coming weeks, the niche will feature some of the facilities available to campus labs for research use, focusing on the capabilities of the instrumentation as well as the theory behind their operation.