DIY Science

Science...all grown up | Hands-on lab experiences for adults (18+)

Friday, August 14 | 7 – 9 p.m.
Discovery Building

Explore the possibilities of engineering biology! Living cells are tiny chemical factories: nutrients enter, and finished products exit. Humans use these living factories to produce foods, medicines and other useful compounds.

“Synthetic biology” describes the merging of engineering, biology and chemistry to assemble new cellular factories. At this DIY event, learn how synthetic biology research at UW–Madison could lead to new, sustainable ways to produce chemicals and assemble a model system.

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About DIY Science

Hands-on laboratory experiences are not just for kids! Each month, a different activity encourages adult (18+) audiences to put on lab coats, goggles and gloves and get a firsthand sense of cutting-edge research.

Usually held from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday evenings, these do-it-yourself labs feature different topics ranging from epigenetics to microfluidics to nanotechnology to rapid prototyping and beyond.

DIY Science is supported by the Morgridge Institute for Research, UW–Madison and WARF.

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