Recurring conferences

The Discovery Building hosts two large, recurring conferences: the MathBio Symposia and the Open-Source Medical Devices Conference. Information about these events, including a video archive of presentations, can be found on this site.

MathBio Symposia

The annual MathBio symposium series explores the interface of the physical and life sciences. This event is organized by the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and the University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School.

Open-Source Medical Devices Conference

The OSMD conference is intended to create a collaborative environment where there is open sharing of ideas and where experts from research groups from around the world can get together, brainstorm and come up with a open-source medical device design for which a prototype will be built, tested and commissioned. This event is organized by the Morgridge Institute for Research and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

A Place for Everyone!

Town Center at the Discovery Building
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