MathBio 2008 Highlights

Reinventing Research from WI Institutes for Discovery/WARF on Vimeo.

The 2008 MathBio Symposium, the first ever, proved that scientists from a wide spectrum of research disciplines could come together to present a cohesive and intellectually stimulating symposium. Perhaps more importantly, the event demonstrated that the attendees genuinely enjoyed the opportunity and benefited from their participation in this successful conference.

The First Annual MathBio Symposium was the result of a strong collaboration among faculty, staff and students in mathematics, computer science, statistics, biology, biomedicine, engineering, physical sciences and other disciplines. Their efforts combined the strengths of many interdisciplinary programs across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus with a deep recognition of growing opportunities for dramatic new levels, directions and combinations of synergistic interactions in these and related fields.

Conversation with Drs. Kawaoka & Katze

Kawaoka Katze from WI Institutes for Discovery/WARF on Vimeo.

What happens when a world class virologist joins forces with a dynamic advocate for systems biology? Watch the story and see.

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