Symposium on Integration of Mathematical and Biological Sciences


Dramatic, continuing growth in the amounts and types of data available for deep understanding of life is fueling profound advances in the analytical tools and modes of inquiry employed in biological research.  This symposium is borne of the conviction that breakthroughs in 21st century biology and biomedicine increasingly will come from strategies based in mathematics, computer sciences, and related disciplines. Similarly, challenges in biological research are providing raw material and impetus for advances in mathematics, statistics, computing, engineering and associated fields.  Nurturing these synergistic relationships thus offers profound benefits across the full spectrum of  biological, mathematical and physical sciences.   


  • Illustrate cutting-edge examples of synergistic integration across math, computation, biology, etc.

  • Facilitate new collaborations between biologically and computationally oriented researchers

  • Showcase existing UW–Madison programs and capabilities for computational / analytical biology

  • Advance relevant graduate and undergraduate training and curriculum goals

  • Identify impediments to the mission and define solutions including potential new support mechanisms

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October 18-19, 2012
Discovery Building

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