Open-Source Medical Devices Conference | University of Wisconsin – Madison | December 1, 2011
Fig. Schematic of the integrated micro-CT, micro-PET and micro-RT system
Fig. Schematic of the integrated micro-CT, micro-PET and micro-RT system

Welcome to the Open-Source Medical Devices Web page. Please check out the recent updates. Since the OSMD Conference on December 1, 2011, we have continued to make progress with the development of a small animal imaging and therapy system that includes micro-CT, micro-PET and micro-RT systems. In the meantime, we have been reached by several individuals who are interested in starting their own open-source initiatives and we have happily shared our experiences.

Currently, we have mainly concentrated on the micro-RT side of the project. The two sub-projects that we are working on are:

(a) To develop a micro-collimator for the micro-RT system

(b) To develop treatment planning software for the micro-RT system

Development of the two separate versions of the micro-collimator was presented at the annual AAPM Meetings in 2011 and 2013:

Prajapati, S, Seaton, J, Sekhon, J, Mackie, T and Jeraj, R. 'Development of Binary Micro MLCs for an Open Source Small Animal Imaging and Therapy System with IMRT Capability,' Medical Physics, 38, 3862-3862 (2011), DOI:

Prajapati, S, Cox, B, Cadman, P, Jeraj, R and Mackie, T. 'Design of Open‐Source Binary Micro MLC for Small Animal Radiotherapy: An OSMD Initiative,' Medical Physics, 40, 489-489 (2013), DOI:

Our work also was featured in the Economist in 2012.

Please check separate pages for each of the subprojects. You can still view the summary and videos of the OSMD Conference in 2011. We are looking forward to your suggestions and collaboration.

Thank you.

Surendra Prajapati
Research Assistant on OSMD