Music and science together

Love in the World and Out of This World

Does love make the world go round?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, SoundWaves looks at love and romance from many angles. How does love affect our minds and emotions? How does it shape our society? How does it inform the way we think of ourselves? Is there a counterpart to love in the world of physics? Explore the mystery of love and listen to music from the Romantic era.

Judith Claire Mitchell, English | Justin Vandenbroucke, physics
Pelin Kesebir, Center for Healthy Minds
John DeLamater, sociology | Daniel Grabois, music, SoundWaves curator
Musicians, UW–Madison School of Music

Admission is free. Cash bar opens at 7 p.m.
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About SoundWaves

SoundWaves combines scientific lectures about the world with live classical music performances. Each event revolves around a theme, exploring it first from many scientific angles and then through the lens of music. The program concludes with a live performance of music related to the evening’s theme.

The science lectures are delivered using language that the curious layman can understand, with a minimum of jargon and formulas. The music lectures, while demanding careful listening, are likewise designed for the layman and not the specialist.

Every SoundWaves event brings UW–Madison scientists from several departments together with UW–Madison School of Music faculty performers to explore a topic that is relevant to our world and our lives.

SoundWaves is free and open to the public. This series generally is held in the evening at the Town Center of the Discovery Building.

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