Photo courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International
Photo courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International

Reluctant star of stem cell research

America’s most celebrated bioscientist around the turn of this century was James Thomson. He was the face of the new stem cell era, which he launched with a landmark experiment at the University of Wisconsin in 1998 – extracting from very early human embryos cells that had the potential to become any specialised tissue in the body.

Unlike some star scientists, Thomson did not enjoy his celebrity. All the media work – covering not only the science but also the ethics of embryonic stem cell research at a time when it was embroiled in controversy – was an unwelcome distraction from his lab experiments. So he has since withdrawn as far as possible from press attention.  Read more >

Morgridge researchers tackle software security

An estimate 90 percent of all software code is in the widely shared open-source environment, which amplifies the negative impact of vulnerable code. Channel 27 News reports on the Morgridge Institute's Software Assurance Marketplace, or SWAMP, which offers a free suite of software assurance tools to evaluate code and flag security problems. The Department of Homeland Security-funded project went live in February 2014. Learn more >