Visitor Policy


This policy applies to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Building at 330 N. Orchard St., Madison, WI.

This policy pertains to all visitors of the Discovery Building research space or non-public areas; during regular business hours and for regular business operations. 

Town Center events and special events conducted elsewhere in the building are not included in this policy and are covered by separate Town Center events or special events policies and procedures.


Research Space – any area outside of the Town Center, on floors B1, 2, 3 and 4. The teaching labs are not considered a part of the research space for purposes of this policy. 

Non-Public Areas – areas that are private, such as: the kitchens, conference rooms, electrical rooms, utility rooms, mechanical rooms, custodial closets, etc. 

Building Occupant – any person who has significant activities or provides services at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and has been granted access to the research space and/or non-public areas via their Wiscard. 

Visitor – any person who does not have programmed access via their Wiscard to the research space and/or non-public areas at the institutes.

Authorized Visitor – a person whose visit to the research space and/or non-public areas is authorized by a Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building occupant.

Unauthorized Visitor – a person who wishes to visit the research space and/or non-public areas, but whose visit cannot be validated by a building occupant.

Visitor Policy

All visits to the research space and/or non-public areas must be authorized. Once the visit is authorized, either by directly speaking to the authorizing building occupant, or by referencing the visitor log, the visitor will be allowed access to the research space and/or non-public area. 

Visitors causing a disturbance will be asked to leave. If the visitor refuses to leave and appears to pose an immediate threat, University Police will be contacted.

Dress Policy

For safety reasons and out of respect for all guests, appropriate clothing including shirts and shoes is required while in the building. 


Film, Video and Photography Policy


The Discovery Building receives many requests to film, videotape and photograph the interior/exterior of the building for personal, educational and commercial purposes.

All commercial/stock inquiries for permissions should be routed to the UW–Madison policy at:

Tricia Nolan 

All posed/portrait inquires for permissions should review the Town Center Photography Policy and submit a Town Center Photography Permit Application and associated fee. 

Debbie Edge

Photography During WARF/Morgridge Institute for Research Events

If you do not wish to be photographed (or to have your child photographed), please place a green sticker (available at any of the information tables) on the right shoulder of anyone to be excluded from photos. Photographers are instructed not to photograph anyone with a green sticker and to discard any photos that include anyone with a green sticker.  The photos may be used to promote the Town Center in print material and/or displayed on the Discovery, WARF, or Morgridge Institute for Research websites, social media sites, or to promote other Town Center/WARF events and programs.

Out of respect for privacy, we ask that you obtain an attendee’s consent (or in the case of a minor, a parent’s or guardian’s consent) before including them in a photograph. 

Please note that granted permission is not a guarantee of space availability within the Town Center and is subject to availability and compatibility with other activities taking place at the Discovery Building.