Your field trip will include one workshop from Option A and one workshop from Option B. Each workshop is designed to accommodate up to 25 students. Groups larger than 25 will split their group into two smaller groups and do each activity simultaneously and then switch activities.

Please review the offerings available during each semester and note the title of your top choices for Option A and Option B; you will need to enter these on your field trip registration form. Unfortunately we cannot offer two workshops from one category during the same field trip.

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Spring 2018

option a

Fossil Explorations
Dig into the world of paleontology while exploring the formation and study of fossils. Students will excavate a fossil, make their own impressions and explore the fossils set in the limestone floor of the Town Center.

Size and Scale: Nanotechnology and a World Too Small to See
Materials science is all about building the world from the atom up, which means working with objects that are too small to see. How do scientists work with what they can't see? We'll use hands-on models to better understand tools that allow scientists to explore, manipulate and understand the nanoscale.


option b

Microscopy: Investigate Tiny Critters
Learn how Morgridge Institute for Research scientists use light, microscopy and other imaging techniques to work together to bring the unseen world alive. After building custom platform microscopes, students will use them to gather information by taking digital images and videos as they probe the world of insects and other small critters. 

Discovery Building Experience*
This session includes a QR-coded digital scavenger hunt to explore the Town Center. Students will complete small group activities to explore the amazing Fibonacci sequence that is found in nature and learn about the Mesozoic garden, which houses plants that existed 65-250 million years ago. Students will rotate through all three activities learning about the green features of the building and the scientists who do research here.
*Note: This will be automatically added as a third activity for groups larger than 50 students (up to 75). The large group will split into three smaller groups to accommodate 25 in each of our two labs and one group doing the Discovery Building Experience. There will still be two 75-minute sessions but not all students will do the same two activities.

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