Your field trip will include one workshop topic (choose from below) along with an After Party with a scientist related to the topic. Each workshop is designed to accommodate classrooms participating in virtual or in-person schooling. The discussions with a scientist after the activity are best suited for no more than 50 students.

Please review our offerings available during the semester of your field trip. When applying you will need to enter your preferred topic and also preferred week/time for your After Party with a scientist. Please note that these will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. The Discovery Outreach team will follow up as timely as possible to confirm status and After Party logistics.

Fall 2020

Nature Explorers: Join in the Wisconsin BioBlitz
Have you ever heard of a BioBlitz? In this experience, you'll go outside in your yard, neighborhood or a nearby park to look for as many living things as you can find! Pay special attention to any mosquitoes you see. After exploring nature in your neighborhood, you'll get to chat with scientists who study nature – and mosquitoes – to learn about their work.

Finding Buried Treasure
Have you ever wondered how scientists find fossils and use them to learn about life on Earth many, many years ago? In this experience, you'll see how scientists find and unearth bones, carefully clean them, and figure out how to fit them into a larger skeleton. After learning about this process, you'll get to chat with scientists who study geology, fossils and more!

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