Apr 20, 2021

Crossroads of Ideas: Going forward with equity on climate change

What do we gain when we include diverse communities in the conversation about climate change? And what do we lose when we don't? Scientists, engineers, experts and leaders from diverse backgrounds who work with BIPOC communities bring their perspectives to the state of the regional and national conversation around climate change.
Mar 25, 2021

Essential topics: Putting your STEM degree to good work

Local experts share their work in the social impact sector and opportunities for emerging STEM professionals to explore careers in social entrepreneurship in for-profit and nonprofit settings.
Mar 24, 2021

Crossroads of ideas: Getting Wisconsin vaccinated

Local experts Michael Ferris, Malia Jones, Miron Livny, Nasia Safdar, Jonathan Temte and moderator Jason Joyce explore some of the science behind our state's COVID-19 rollout.
Mar 5, 2021

SoundWaves: Emergence: The end of emergency

Ashley Brown, Lyric Bartholomay, Baron Kelly, Michael Traktman and Daniel Grabois explore emergence in the first SoundWaves event of 2021.