Sep 24, 2019

Crossroads of ideas: Quantifying the impact of disruptive trade policies

Prof. Thomas Rutherford and Praveen Dixit, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Policy and Analysis, explore the models used to study trade agreements.
Sep 12, 2019

Entrepreneurons: Innovation roadmap

The Small Business Development Center’s Michelle Somes-Booher and Discovery to Product’s David Ertl introduce you to the business model canvas and the UW-Madison entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Apr 30, 2019

Essential topics: Managing conflicts of interest

How do you wear multiple hats as a university researcher when working with companies, launching a startup and navigating multiple collaborations? Andrew Norman helps demystify how to manage multiple engagements and opportunities to work with different partners.
Apr 26, 2019

SoundWaves: Hidden worlds of the universe

UW–Madison scholars Ellen Zweibel, Jennifer Choy, David Johnson, Stephen Meyers, Daniel Grabois & Christopher Taylor look deeply into the universe, trying to learn what forces are out there that we never imagined.