Nov 13, 2018

Crossroads of ideas: The next 20 years of stem cell science

Promega's Penny Patterson moderated a discussion with Dave Vereide, David Gamm and Lynn Allen-Hoffmann about their promising regenerative medicine technologies.
Nov 6, 2018

Cleantech forum: Launching a Wisconsin cleantech startup

Marian Singer, co-founder and CEO, and Jackie Darr, investor, shared Wellntel’s story from inspiration to commercialization.
Nov 5, 2018

Essential topics: Ice fishing for neutrinos

Francis Halzen discusses the IceCube telescope and highlights the discovery that some high-energy neutrinos originate from sources powered by rotating supermassive black holes.
Nov 1, 2018

Innovation workshop: Tech plan and operations and production strategy

Participants dove into the mechanics and logistics of product development, from prototyping to scaling up to identifying strategic partners, and met with experts from IT, biomedical and engineering disciplines.