Dec 4, 2018

Innovation roadmap: The speaker series w/ Xiaohoa Michelle Ching

Xiaohoa Michelle Ching, founder and CEO of Literator, an award-winning app that serves over 2,500 schools worldwide by helping them meet their students’ exact literacy needs, shares her story of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Dec 4, 2018

Crossroads of ideas: How (not) to think about artificial intelligence

Bill Hibbard explores how we should imagine artificial intelligence (AI). What is AI better at than us, what still requires a human touch and how will this affect the labor market?
Dec 3, 2018

Innovation workshop: Executive summary and slide deck

Participants explored key elements of a successful pitch deck and learned that getting their message across to potential partners and investors is an art and a science.
Nov 30, 2018

SoundWaves: Hidden worlds of the Earth

John Magnuson, Ben Zuckerberg, Nancy Keller, Ian Orland, Daniel Grabois and Martha Fischer explore the hidden worlds of our planet.